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Leadership and Mentoring Training

A powerful way to enhance your own spiritual practice is to share it with others.

Authority to teach is not easy to come by for some very good reasons. In any spiritual teaching it is important to have peer support and a structured system to assure professional ethics. What is most important is one's own practice, commitment to a continual learning process, and peer involvement.

We offer training to teach specific courses - in community and sometimes professional settings.
Ways of working vary depending on experience.

Participants may host peer-led groups in pairs and, with many years of practice, ongoing work with a teacher, and considerable retreat experience, lead groups on their own. Some offering trainings in their professional work.

Ways to Begin - one or more of the following:
Take our courses (see also the Public Events on the navigation bar)
Do the Going Beyond course
Work with Mary individually

Leadership Training:
Help others taking the Going Beyond Course (Current teachers of First Steps course).
Join one of our ongoing groups. Be active in creating Community
Work on the Practice Board and attend some of our retreats.
2006/2007 Mentoring Training (some have moved so our sangha reaches beyond the boundaries of Texas)

Mentoring - Continual Learning Process:
Attend some longer retreats at the primary Insight Meditation Centers.
Below is a list of programs I encourage everyone to consider. Any of them will enrich your practice. Some offer support for or paths to mentoring, facilitating or teaching. All will enrich what we do together and expand your capabilities.
Integrated Study and Practice at BCBS
Community Dharma Leader at Spirit Rock
Dedicated Practioner Program at Spirit Rock
MBSR - professional mindfulness

Pages for those involved in mentoring and leadership training
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