Conscious Dynamics®
Organizational, Professional, and Leadership Development | Team Building | Employee Engagement | Awareness & Mindfulness
Conscious professionals and conscious corporations are open to the moment, intelligent, resilient, and naturally innovative.

Our unique focus is unfolding innate capacities of mind to access and foster your greatest potential.

    In order to adapt to the challenges of the contemporary world we are overloading the analytical mind yet not getting the kind of results we desire and need. In this way we are also missing our great capacities for ingenuity, capacities accessible when we learn to open to the full range of consciousness. By becoming aware and skillful with dynamics of mind we give the analytical mind a break, using it precisely instead of aggressively, and learn to trust the creative potential of immediate and emergent knowing.

    At Conscious Dynamics® we use various kinds of meditation and mindfulness practices to recognize and work with the mind experientially, or phenomenologically, rather than on a psychological level or with type based-models. Learning mindfulness will contribute to your physical and mental well-being and to your success. However if you already meditate as a way of life, if you value intimate awareness of experience in any situation, bringing the integrity of your practice into all aspects of life including your profession, ordinary results may very well be excellence, innovative capacities, and job satisfaction whatever your work - in your current position or a different one.

    Mary Rees
    Conscious Dynamics® Founder

Organizational innovation and excellence

Professional and executive coaching for individuals

Assessments (including Birkman Method®)

Conscious Dynamics will:
Increase Productivity
Boost Creativity
Improve Listening
Clarify Communications
Strengthen Decision-Making Abilities
Define and Accomplish Goals
Recognize Stressors Before Acting
Modify Stress Behaviors
Reduce Unwanted Stress
Use Stress and Energy Creatively
Modulate Balance and Flow
Improve Concentration and Focus
Develop Mental Flexibility
Enhance Leadership Skills
Heighten Executive Functioning
Empower Innovation
Resolve Conflicts
Nurture Teamwork
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