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About Conscious Dynamics

Our programs will be of immediate interest to those who recognize the value of meditation and the challenge of bringing its simple wisdom into all elements of life. Intimate awareness of one's own mind and body are essential for bringing the richest potential to relationships and careers. Any kind of contemplative practice (including physical skill or creative focus) are good preparation for our programs. But no such experience is required.

Founding Principles

Transformation it the potential of any moment. Once you have developed the capacity for a receptive consciousness, you may begin to recognize and foster spaciousness, openness, and the potential for transformation in any moment.

Results include greater skill through difficult encounters, deeper relationshsips, less possibility of compromising personal or professional integrity, and increased capacity for innovation and creativity.

The methods are simple and straight forward, built on intimate knowledge of your own mind and body and an ongoing dynamic balance of receptive awareness and conscious engagement.

About Mary Rees, MS

Mary Rees

Mary's primary professional interest is research in consciousness and creativity. She is currently a PhD student in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry at Saybrook University. Since 1985 she has been helping adults wake up to the great potential of their own consciousness and supporting integration of these capacities and contemplative qualities into personal and professional lives.

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Conference Presentations

2016 March
A Radical Science of Self-Responsibilty
Mid-Winter Conference
Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology (Div 24)
Salt Lake City, UT

2016 January
Transformational creativity: David Bohm and Gregory Bateson
Creativity Studies Residential Conference Luncheon,
Saybrook University
San Francisco, CA

2014 August
Accessing Creative Potential: Body as Musical Instrument
Creativity Studies Residential Conference Luncheon
Saybrook University
San Francisco, CA

2004 April
Transforming Consciousness
Conference for Spiritual Directors International
Miami, FL

2001 April
Self-knowledge as a Path to Justice and Compassion
Conference for Spiritual Directors International (daylong session)
Atchison, KS

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