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Corporate and Executive Development

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About Corporate and Executive Development

Conscious Dynamics® designs and specifically tailors trainings for your needs and the needs of your organization. Our unique focus is unfolding innate capacities of mind, accessing and fostering your greatest potential for innovation, intelligence, and integrity.

Our organizational leadership and training services include direct work with the mind, programs for here Transforming Consciousness®, which enable team members to recognize critical corporate moments before organizational vulnerabilities become problems and to contribute naturally and proactively from their strengths.

Innovation, Intelligence, Integrity

Conscious Corporations, like conscious professionals, are open to the moment, resilient, and naturally innovative. Because of Conscious Dynamics' direct work with mind, we can achieve unprecedented results, directly developing innovative capacity and various kinds of intelligence, while fostering a climate of individual and corporate integrity, actually Transforming Consciousness®.

Intelligent leadership forms, defines, and creates a successful organization. Recognition and development of "soft" assets provides an edge including flexibility and nimbleness in a changing environment. Consciousness of interdependence and the critical importance of mutual awareness and respect are investments which will naturally and organically lead to innovation, client and customer satisfaction, and bottom line results.

Other reasons to choose Conscious Dynamics®

Programs specifically designed for your situation.
Our primary methods are proven within their own domains. We magnify your possibilities by specializing in combinations appropriate for any circumstance, creating innovative alternative packages to meet your unique needs.

Training programs that work.
One reason our interventions are successful is that they are developed based on our interaction with you. We suggest and discuss options designed specifically for your needs

If advisable for your circumstances, or if you wish to prepare for our work together. We can provide two powerful tools that can magnify each other, giving any or every team member means for self sufficiency in a their developing capacity for skillful contributions and increased capacity for working collaboratively.

Training for Self-reliance
We foster your capacity for ongoing development rather than long time reliance on us. Once initiated your developmental processes actually occur quite naturally. We help you uncover innate capacities and let them inform and inspire those processes. Of course, we remain available to work with you as needed.

We have the experience to bring about the greatest potential of mind at work.
Intentional development and real transformation are not quick fixes, but our many years of experience in teaching and personal practice increase likelihood of powerful results for you and your company.


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