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Conscious Dynamics®
Corporate Innovation and Excellence
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Potential Ways to Begin and Levels of Engagement

Basic - drop in introductory sessions
These informal sessions, often made available during lunch breaks, provide team members some practical skills that can be readily and immediately implemented, providing team members personal power for self-actualization of their own potential. This is an easy way to begin to learn more about what work with the mind can do.

Standard - six week series offering developmental sequence with weekly support and follow up
With this series of six one hour sessions development and awareness of the Dynamics of Consciousness in varied situations can be explored and ability to participate with ever-increasing skill is developed. Specific objectives addressed based on needs of department or company and group size.

Comprehensive - all of the above plus three hour immersion workshop[s]
With the immersion experiences, team members are giving the brain and mind a greater opportunity to physically change, bringing clarity and precision to ever changing, dynamic processes.

Executive - for most immediate transformational impact begin with senior team members
Start with your executive team and create a corporate culture of consciousness

Peer Training - additional support for developing in house staff
Develop company level capacity to broaden the scope of your program through training of individuals within teams or departments to carry the training throughout the company

Executive Coaching - in depth work with those recognized as high potentials
This service includes executive assessment and development tools, individually developed goals incorporating corporate needs as well as personal interests and talents, and close personal attention.

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Complete the contact form to initiate an assessment for your company. Give us an idea about your interest and needs. We can then begin exploring the best options for your circumstances.

You are also welcome to contact Mary Rees ( mary at maryrees dot com ) if you need more information before scheduling an assessment.