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Executive Coaching
Mindful, Dynamic, Relational, Transformational
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Becoming fully conscious of the dynamics of the mind will influence the quality of all your relationships, personal and professional. Your own intelligent awareness is your greatest asset and the skill that will lift your work to its unique and greatest capacities and bring satisfaction to your personal relationships.

Executive Coaching

Continuous transformation is possible and likely when you live in receptive awareness and conscious engagement. If you are in a new role or feel that you have achieved your goals you are especially ready for transformation and new beginnings.

Give your life the gift of transformational coaching. Meet on-line or by telephone with the Conscious Dynamics Coach in weekly half-hour sessions over a period of one to six months. Enjoy professional support as you navigate the dynamic experience of opening to challenging transitions or as you create new adventures.

Objectives of your work and length or coaching period will vary according to your needs, preferences, and shared planning.

Coaching is available in person, by telephone, and on line.
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