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Transformation by Design

Real Transformation is possible. You can create life, objects, relationships, and companies that are in harmony with your deepest values and that are of greatest benefit to the global community.

We incorporate the best of contemporary courses and the depth of ancient teachings to design and specifically tailor trainings for your benefit or the benefit of your organization. Our focus is on unfolding innate capacities of mind, taking advantage of the plasticity of mind to access and foster your greatest potential. These capacities include, but are not limited to, innovation, intelligence, and integrity.

In corporate settings these qualities and capacities support excellence and satisfaction in the work environment creating improved performance, skillful interactions, and increased bottom line results.

For those in helping professions your own capacity of mind is the key ingredient for success with your clients. We can help you implement mindfulness strategies for recognizing and fostering skills that are the art element of our craft, skills you can only learn and develop by working with your own mental processes.


To begin the process of creating transformational trainings designed for the needs of your population or clients, complete the event request form.


To deepen your conscious awareness through your mindfulness practice (or meditation of any kind) and to integrate the benefits in your personal or professional life consider transformational coaching, a group or private course.

For Transformational Coaching or other private work go to coaching application For more information see coaching pages.

For some suggestions for personal or professional development see steps for becoming a conscious creative force in your own life.

To begin right now with a basic preparation course see First Steps for Professional Excellence.

If you are interested in deepening your experience by fostering a meditation community or working with us to integrate these practices into your workplace see the mentoring and leadership pages.