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Conscious Dynamics®
Insight Meditation
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Insight Meditation and Mindfulness

Working with your own mind is the most important skill you can ever learn. Through mindful awareness you become a conscious and active part of your own evolutionary process. Your own experience becomes your best teacher and most reliable resource. Cultivate contemplative awareness, relational skill, and compassionate action in all aspects of your life.

Conscious Dynamics' Insight and Mindfulness courses incorporate, to the degree appropriate for varied circumstances, valuable elements of MBSR and MBCT programs, wisdom teachings of Insight Meditation, and interpersonal skills through relational meditation. These circumstances range from professional development for business settings to healing environments. Transformative teachings, based on wisdom, contemplative practice, and ethical behavior help you create a lifestyle in harmony with our heart's deepest desires and create organizations that meet bottom line goals while maintaining high ethical standards and fostering contemplative values.

The mindfulness trainings can also be used as a component of a comprehensive treatment plan, supplementing work with participants' doctors and therapists. Though this is not a primary purpose of Conscious Dynamics®, it is a highly useful benefit of the training.


If you are new to Insight or Mindfulness Meditation or you would like to supplement another kind of training with Insight and Mindfulnes there are several options available to you. If you already have an established meditation practice or want to explore an element of practice in depth, our programs will deepen and enrich your practice and help you integrate it more deeply into your personal and professional life.