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Conscious Dynamics®
Materials for Personal Development

Online Courses

Most of these courses are available for independent study and without fees. However, they are under copyright protection. When sharing with others credit Mary Rees and this website,

Computer Based Course Use our interactive CD. Work indendently or request teacher support.

Original introductory course (2004)

Contemplative Study

Methods for making any reading and study a contemplative practice: implementing strategies for more fully engaging the mind, for enhancing brain function, and for opening the the heart.

Satipatthana Sutta Study

Establish a strong foundation in this or any sutta by becoming deeply familiar with the text. Use this course to start you with a contemplative reading of the Satipatthana Sutta, a study that incorporates aspects of contemplative reading and brings you into personal and intimate interaction with the text.

This course is also available as a teacher guided course. See
    Apply for individual work (coaching) to take this course individually. (mentions S.Sutta Course
    Apply for an online or physical course for a group. Be sure to specify Satipatthana Sutta in your application.
    Register for a public offering of this course when available.